Backup Recovery…

Does losing any or all of your computers / network files scare you? It should, it does us. The time to look for a backup solution is before computer failure. There are numerous ways to backup your valuable information, mostly depending upon the amount of information you have to backup regularly and how often you wish to do so. Anything from a CD burner to a NAS enclosure that stores multiple Gigs of data with redundancy is possible. Riverview can help you sort through the options and find a backup solution that will work within your budget and still fulfill your needs. 


If you would like the ability to not only have your data backed up, but be able to implement a recovery program that can get your computer/servers backup and functioning in a very minimal amount of time…we have another solution! 

The data itself, if backed up is easy to recover, but there is still the amount of time required to reload a computer with all the necessary software and extra programs you may have had on it. Not to mention placing it back on a network. That can take a couple days, depending on how much there is to load, if your software  licensing can be found and how much you remember of what you had on your computer. 

How would you like to have your computer back, just like it was, within the same day? Should the only failure on your computer be your Hard Drive, then this is your solution to keep your business running, with as little down time as possible.