Contact Us…

Today you can expect to be greeted more and more by an automated voice system. If you are anything like us, you would rather speak to a real person.

Our goal is for you to speak to a real person as well. In case we unfortunatly do not get to speak with you directly, you may contact us via the following:

Ray Buchli – CEO/Owner
cell: 573-289-7151 | ray@riverviewtech.net
Chris Brewer – Owner
cell: 573-289-5050 | chris@riverviewtech.net
Gene Daughtery – Head Technician
cell: 573-999-1515 | gene@riverviewtech.net
Stephen Rawlings – Technician
cell: 573-355-8082 | stephen@riverviewtech.net
Scherrlyn Wallace – Technician / Sales
Location: Lake of the Ozarks
cell: 573-823-8641 |srwallace@riverviewtech.net