Custom built…

Custom built computers versus those unbelievable, advertised, inexpensive box models.

Well, this is what inexpensive means:
 - you must purchase one that is listed, choose anything different and it’s an additional charge
 - for that incredible price, certain components of the computer will all be located on the motherboard (i.e., sound, video, internet connection), so if the sound quits, you might not be able to fix it without replacing the board itself
 - for that incredible price, the case may be smaller in order to save space and dollars,  which then leads to a possible overheating issue, which in turn fries your computer or at least decreases the longevity of it
 - All in all, you did save a great deal of money.
Custom means:
 - build what you need or want exactly
 - provide the ability of separate components for easier, cheaper replacement
 - install motherboards (the core of the computer) that allows for future expansion
 - utilize a larger case that allows more breathing room and provides adequate cooling, creating longer longevity

Riverview wants your investment to last and be expandable as your company grows. We install adequate power supplies that won’t burn out quickly. We look for cases that allow for adequate air movement in order to keep drives and processors cool and not overheat, causing shorter life spans. We assess storage and backup needs and recommend solutions to handle them.

If your company is looking to network, ask us about a custom built server that can make file / printer sharing easier and create data backups. We can even help transfer data from an existing server to a new one.