Structured Cabling…

Riverview is a professional installer of “low voltage cabling” or “structured wiring”.Simply put, we wire businesses and homes for phone, computer, tv and entertainment.

Computers today are capable of reaching Gigabyte speeds and tomorrow those speeds will only increase. But to take advantage of those speeds the cabling that connects you to a network or the Internet needs to adhere to specific installation guidelines. (The photo to the right is what we found when troubleshooting a slow network.)

A quick analogy:
(Imagine driving your car on a highway where you can drive as fast as you want. As long as that highway is smooth, driving isn’t a problem, your car handles just fine. But now imagine, a few potholes in the road. If you keep driving the same fast speed and hit one with your car, you might just leave the road. So now in order to stay on the road, you slow down. You can still drive on the same road, but you had to decrease your speed, just because the road was not smooth.)

We install all types of low voltage cable (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Coax RG6, combination cables, fiber optic). These cables are used for computer data services, telephone land line services, paging systems, television services, audio systems, security services and video surveillance services.  

Anyone can install cable, but the speeds you can expect depend upon the care and guidelines that are followed. If you would like a speed test done on your new or existing cable, we can provide that as well.